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Mission Bazaar
May 20, 2008

Mission Bazaar ran two long 10 hour days over the past weekend, opening San Francisco’s Armory building up to the public for the first time in 30 years. Thus, almost all participants and attendees were unified in our fresh experience of this cavernous building. Booths for local artists and designers lined the sides and nestled in between the two centrally fixed stages that flip flopped musical and dance performances ranging from Gaucho, a Jengo Reinhart jazz band, to the sultry women’s choir, The Conspiracy of Venus, to Indian and flamenco troupes.

The Armory is modeled after a 14th century Moorish Castle, yet the gaping space reminded me of an old train station in scope with Gare du Nord in Paris. The lofty ceilings of the main central room housed a cool light that washed in from high flung windows. The building has been abandoned since before I can remember, although i have heard stories of people breaking in to assess the mysterious, reinforced monstrosity of brick that sits ominously in the mid-Mission corridor. Rumors spoke pictures of concrete floors covered with bullet shells and creepy dungeon like rooms. It has been a big story locally since purchased the building for a whopping 14.6 million at the tail end of 2006. In return for the city allowing the internet porn company to use their new space for filming, Kink has promised to restore the space and use it for community events, Mission Bazaar being the first of this trend.

O’Lover Hats set up a booth all weekend with SuperSugarRayRay. I had such a good time watching people try on my latest hats. I learn so much every show, as I get to see the variety of my designs on all different statures and face shapes. It was interesting how few people tried on straw hats, immediately attracted by the variety of styles and colors of fur felt hats. I can attest that a felt hat is never completely out of season in the bay area, with the cool breeze that so often blows in off the ocean. Thanks to my new clients who made the show a success and to everyone who had a good time trying on hats. I have two more shows this week, the Marin Association of Female Executives’ Spring Bling fashion trade show on Thursday and Capsule in Hayes Valley on Sunday.