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An Exuberant Homecoming
June 9, 2008

I just returned from a family wedding in Southern California.  It was hot and sunny and I was the only one who brought hats.  I suited up three of us in some spectacular straws that are part of my new line.  It continually amazes me by how few people wear hats, even among my fabulous family, many of whom live in tropical climates.  They are the best accessory, practically speaking, and the number of complements they bring is only roses on the cake.  Hats are growing more popular and yet, i travel around and unless it is a fashion event, I often am the only one wearing a hat.  (Like other hat enthusiasts, i have acquired the moniker, hat lady.  This nickname sounds sort of old fashioned for a hip 30 year old, but I love it.  I guess I wouldn’t have taken up millinery if I didn’t have some nostalgia for earlier times flowing in my blood!)  This trip, and so many other excursions has fueled my desire to design.  There are so many heads out there waiting for the right hat.

It is exciting starting a business doing something you truly enjoy.  Many relatives and friends want to contribute their ideas on where I should promote my work.  I am grateful for the interest and I love how it is indicative of human nature’s desire to connect people.  I believe it is true that no one exists in a bubble and that momentum is gained quicker when more mass propels it.  I used to get frustrated when people would tell me where i should take my hats or what I might do to assist my growing business, since I already had a long list of action items that I had not yet been able to pick up and incorporate into life’s grand juggling act.  I am becoming more comfortable with the process of growth and learning to enjoy it, as opposed to being stressed out by it.  I see that my designs are also benefiting from relaxing and releasing into the process.