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California Roadtrip
September 11, 2008

The last few weeks I’ve been making straw hats again.  I have a show in Napa on Saturday the 13th and a show in Benicia on Saturday the 20th. Both shows are daytime events, 10am to 5:30pm and 10am to 4:00 respectively.  They are juried for variety and quality.  

I love both these towns and they are completely different.  Napa is full of good art, good food and of course the wine flows from city faucets (for a small fee, you can drink).  It is typically hot and sunny, and you can smell the dirt if you get off the main drags.  The event on the 13th is 32nd Annual Napa Wine and Crafts Faire.  Come visit my booth on Second St and Coombs.  

Benicia is on the Carquinez Straight and seemed to be in the process of regenerating their downtown when I visited a few weeks ago.  There is a good breeze that slices through the straight and gives the air a freshness I don’t have access to at my Oakland studio.  They have a waterfront, a beach and a series of back alleys off of Main Street that draw your eye to the historic relevance this town has held as one of our state capitols. Captain Blythers is a restaurant and bar shanty at the end of Main St, right on the river.  The watering hole is up on the second floor with a great view, the perfect place to wet your lips after touring the works in the 35th Annual Benicia Fine Arts & Craft Fair.  

Hope to see you there.