Hats that Sing in the Rain

It will be wet, wet, wet here on the California Coast these next couple of weeks.  Remember that not all hats are rain hats and wet weather can destroy your favorite hat if this is the case.  Hats that hold up to the rain are made from beaver fur felt, wool felt, thick weather-treated leather or vinyl.  If your hat is not made from one of these materials, you can maintain the shape, the size and the appearance of your hat by taking an umbrella out with you as you puddle dive.

If you get stuck in the rain in a felt or fabric hat that does not take well to the wet, pat it dry with a cloth as soon as you can, removing all excess dampness.  If your hat has a flat brim, you can press it with a medium-hot iron using a thin piece of cotton in between so the material does not get damaged from the direct heat of the metal.  This will help flatten out a brim that has become wavy from too much moisture in the past.

If you are caught by a surprise storm and your hat gets soaked, remember if it dries too quickly the hat can shrink.  A good tip is to put it back on your head before it dries completely, so it dries to the shape of your noggin and fits you proper again.  It is no fun to put on a hat that used to bring you joy, only to find that now it gives you a headache. And as a person who wears hats, you like to feel good.  Now let’s go singing and dancing in the rain.


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  1. Hi,
    Charlie from Sterling Beaver Saloon suggested I drop you a note. I have been painting, decoupaging, knitting and crocheting hats for years. I have always wanted to make “real romantic” hats. I have been eyeing Davyne Dial’s style for years and would love to branch out. There are some companies that put out a DVD showing how to make their hats. One in London, but Charlie doesn’t think that is a good one, and Ms. Dial’s. My question is “do you think I can learn enough from a dvd”? I moved to Denver in August and I am search of a milliner to shadow here. Whatever info/insight you might off would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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